"Hoboken Eddie,

Thursday afternoon I stopped in a hot sauce store in St. Augustine, FL called Hot Stuff Mon.  They have a sea of hot sauces from all over.  Some are the typical novelty sauces that all taste the same only separated by their corny names like Anus Blaster.  I came across your variety and I thought it couldn't be too bad coming from Jersey (like me) and when I got home I found I was right.  It was the perfect kick I wanted to my red beans and rice. Thanks for making a quality sauce that balanced good flavors with the heat I need.  Keep on making us Jersey transplants proud!"

-Dave from Florida

"We went to the Wine Festival in Nicholasville, KY and tasted your sauces.  They were all excellent but our taste buds loved the Thai Sauce.  It's a party in your mouth!"


"Must write to tell you that Mean Green is one of the best products I've purchased in a long time.  It satisfies any recipe requiring jalapeno.  I use it for chili, salsa, as a condiment, brushed on grilled shrimp, yum!  The possibilities are endless and the flavor elements are perfect.  Not too hot, but packed with great flavor of the smoky peppers and lime.  I originally bought it because your name was catchy, and I am happy to report to be ordering another 3 bottles (some for me and the extra to give to friends).  Thanks for the excellent product."


"Hello Chef Ed:

I am convinced!  I've been a hot sauce aficionado for many years.  I find that my tolerance for heat has diminished as the years pass, but my appreciation for good pepper flavor increases.  Your hot sauce is the perfect blend of wonderful pepper flavor, a hint of heat, and just the right texture.  I will be a regular visitor to your website and look forward to trying your other products.  Keep up the great stuff!"


"I am a hot sauce fanatic.  May I say that your hot sauce is the absolute best I ever had.  It's not all 'hot', but it has flavor! I put it on everything.  My boss gave me your hot sauce as a gift, and thank God he did.  I will be ordering your other sauces now.  My son's name is Eddie and he Loves it too!  Thank you for your versatile creations!!!"

-Brenda from Massachusett


"Your Home Grown hot sauce is simply the best I've ever tasted.  Unlike other hot sauces, this one actually has flavor with plenty of heat.  It rocks!"


"Just wanted to let you how much my husband and I enjoy our Mean Green sauce.  We found it approximately 4 years ago at a local gourmet shop and have not stopped loving it since.  It is by far the most creative combination of flavors we have tasted in a hot sauce ever.  We're hooked, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for creating something so delicious."

-Denise and Scott

"I just had to write and thank you for the best product on the market.  In fact, it's better than anything home-made. We took a chance and grabbed a bottle of your "Wings-N-Things" hot sauce at the supermarket.  We were completely blown away by the taste.  It's like an awakening of the mouth!  There aren't any left overs and we plan to stock up on your sauces.  We just hope you never stop making the product.  We never heard of it before.  I'll bet if more people hear of it or get to sample it they'd never try another one.  We'll be sure to pass the word and the food that's cooked in your products.  Thank you!  Thank you!  You made our barbecue the best ever."

-Rosemarie and Jeff

"Thank You!  Your Habanero sauce is great!  I use it on hot dogs, steaks, eggs, burritos everything except breakfast cereal (so far).  I bought it at a little farm stand in Buttzville, NJ while on a family hike in the Delaware Water Gap a few weeks ago.  Thanks again for giving us a real high quality product."

-Bill and Carolyn from NY

"My buddies and myself had a long and productive day offshore fishing yesterday, and I was in the mood to try something different for dinner this evening. Apparently, I was given a bottle of your Merlie’s Magic for my 40th birthday party last fall, and it caught my eye as I was browsing through the pantry. I took two red snapper fillets and marinated them for about two hours, dredged them in flour, and pan fried them in olive oil. It was perfect according to my wife. The flavor was great and it did not over power the fish."


"I saw Hoboken Eddie & his sauces featured on the "Follow That Food" TV show on the Food Network. The show grilled chicken with root beer sauce. I tried the recipe & WOW it was very yummy. I will be back online tonight to place an order for some sauces. I want my husband to pick a few himself. I'm very pleased to have been introduced to Hoboken Eddie!"


"Tonight I served the Raspberry sauce mixed with chipotle peppers on top of sautéed chicken. The reviews from my picky guests: Wow! Wow! and Wow!. The sauce was so fresh and delicious that I couldn't believe it came out of a jar. It was outstanding on its own, and simply delicious with the chipotle peppers. I look forward to trying your other sauces. Hats off to Eddie."

-Barbara from NJ

"I find I am using your hot & spicy mustard on many things I would never before have thought to use with a mustard. One of the many is to use 2 generous tablespoons of mustard and thin it with heavy or table cream and serve over broiled Salmon or fresh tuna steaks. 

Thanks, ALG"


"I just made chicken wings with the "wings and things" sauce. I'm a chicken wing fanatic, and those were best wings I ever had. GREAT sauce!! Can't wait to try some others!!"


"Hoboken Eddie's barbecue sauces are very delicious.  I especially enjoy the Surf & Turf and the Raspberry Honey Mustard.  My most favorite meal is having grilled steaks with the Surf & Turf [now called Steak Sauce] sauce.  The steaks turn out so juicy and flavorful due to the excellent tasting sauce.  I also enjoy eating grilled chicken with the Raspberry Honey Mustard.  Not only is it a great grilling sauce, but it also makes a wonderful dipping sauce.  I use the Raspberry Honey Mustard for dipping chicken, shrimp, and even French fries.  Another meal I enjoy is a stir fry using the sauce Hukilau Hannah.  The sweet and sour flavor of the sauce brings something really special to a stir fry.  All of the sauces I have tried are thick and full of flavor.  The uses for the sauces are versatile and endless."

-Dennis from Clifton, NJ

"You have done a great thing with your hot sauce. It’s hot, tangy, smoky quality is unmatched in other sauces. Keep up the good work!"

-Fred from Maryland

"Just want to drop you a line and say that you have some of the best sauces I've ever tasted.  My brother bought me a bottle for Xmas 2 years ago and my family buys your stuff from Mr. Sausage in Huntington, NY.  I also saw you on food TV on Paula's Home cooking.  Keep up the good work!"

-John from Huntington, NY

"Every sauce and marinade I've tried is better than anything comparable on the market!!!  We just finished enjoying baked chicken breast marinated with "Merlie's Magic," spicey orange pineapple sauce--- DEEEEE-LICIOUS.  I'll be firing-up the grill tomorrow for another treat.  Keep up the great product CHEF EDDIE."

-Tony from Atlantic City, NJ

"On a recent camping trip to Stokes Forest we settled down to a nice foil meal of meat, potatoes and mixed veggies wrapped up in foil and placed on the fire.  A friend of mine was along and had in his pack some Hoboken Eddies T-Bone Tickler, so we reopened the foil meals and poured the T-Bone tickler on the meals, rewrapped them and placed them back on the fire for 25 minutes.  Needless to say, the meals were excellent and I will never camp again without a supply of Hoboken Eddies Sauces on hand.  Thanks Chef Ed for a wonderful Sauce."

-Dennis from Rockaway, NJ


"WOW ED!!!  What a great BBQ Sauce. Great on everything, we BBQ our steaks on an opened grill and pour on the Hoboken Eddies BBQ.  Makes all the difference in the world."

-Anthony from Little Ferry, NJ

"Eddie your Hukilau Hannah sauce is magic to the taste buds.  Makes my chicken wings taste wonderful."

-Robin from Philadelphia

"Dear Hoboken Eddie's

I am in the military and a friend of mine passed this bottle of BBQ sauce my way, and I took interest to it. Knowing that I am due to return to the USA I wanted to throw a party for us. We have been here for a year and your BBQ sauce was a big hit. I just wanted to say thank you for the great taste, it made our cook outs better which kept moral high for all the soldiers stationed here.